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Adult Kickboxing Muay Thai Special

8 weeks for $49.00, we will even throw in a free pair of gloves!

The benefits of martial arts training that you will receive are many. In my opinion nothing will give you these benefits quicker than Muay Thai Kickboxing:

* Increased confidence

* Muscle toning

* Weight loss

* Improved cardio

* Flexibility

* Stress relief

* Real world self defense skills

The standard kickboxing workout will give you the results quicker because of the way the class structure is set up. You will be kept moving at a fairly good pace the whole class. And sometimes other martial arts can be uncomfortable. I love Jiu Jitsu, but I can also understand where having someone between your legs just doesn’t sit right for the casual observer. 

So we are opening up our Muay Thai kickboxing class for the next 10 days to everyone who wants to try us out, but doesn’t want to commit to anything long term!

Please text/call 952-457-7743 and ask to speak to a coach about the kickboxing special if you have any further questions.