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Adult Summer Self Defense

A lot of older folks that I talk to are thinking that they can’t join a facility like American Top Team because it’s like a fight club, where a bunch of shirtless, shredded 20 year old’s are going to try to remove their capacity to think clearly by providing them with brain damage. Not the case.

It can be intimidating walking through our doors. So we took the worry out of that by creating this class just for guys like you. Most men’s fear besides getting hurt is looking stupid. In this class everyone will start from the same spot, at the beginning. So read the below to see if this course is for you.

* Are you 40 or older?

* Have you been inactive or less active lately?

* Are you interested in learning how to defend yourself?

* Do you want to lose weight?

* Do you want to increase your cardio?

* Do you want to tone your muscles?

* Do you want to increase your flexibility?

* Do you have 2 nights a week to better yourself?

* Are you interested in leading a more healthy lifestyle?

* Are you willing to give up some bad habits and develop healthy ones?

If you answered yes to at least 3 of those and have 2 nights a week this course is perfect for you. This class is only for those who answered yes to some of the above.

8 weeks for only $69.00. You simply can’t go wrong. Call or text 952-457-7743 if you have any questions but you must sign up online to receive this special.