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American Top Team of Savage is located at 14869 Hwy 13, Savage, Minnesota, 55378. Our phone number is 952-440-5222 or text 952-457-7743. We are located twenty minutes south of Minneapolis, Minnesota and twenty five minutes southwest of St Paul, Minnesota, serving the entire Twin Cities area.

Listed below are the policy’s of American Top Team of Savage. The rules and regulations of the school are laid out below so that there is a clear understanding of how we run our operation. ATT of Savage is committed to maintaining a very clean, professional and efficient learning environment for our students and guests. In order to accomplish this, it is important that there are rules and regulations helping to guide and govern the school so that it runs as smoothly as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation to help instill this policy. Everyone’s participation is equally important and necessary to maintain and raise the positive energy levels for on and off the mat activity.

NOTE: If any of the rules or regulations below are broken, that person will have a meeting with a staff member to discuss why and how to rectify the problem so that it does not occur again. Any blatant disregard for the rules and regulations of ATT towards other students, guests, parents, siblings, instructors or the school itself will result in a direct suspension from the school until further notice.


Upon entering the building, wipe feet, remove shoes and place them in the coat/shoe room. This includes parents if it is raining or snowing or the sidewalk is wet. Our students walk around barefoot and wet floors and the salt dragged in during the winter months do not feel good on bare feet. No shoes allowed on the mats (except wrestling shoes). All gym bags must go on the shelves by the restrooms (women) or in the back locker room (men).

All students must wear a clean and laundered Gi (uniform) in each class. If they are participating in more than one class that day, it is okay to use the same Gi for the classes, but the Gi must be laundered for the next day they return.

All toe and finger nails must be clipped and kept trim to reduce the risk of scratching your training partners.

If a student’s hands or feet are dirty, they must clean them off before stepping on to the mat either by washing them in the sink or with a wet rag.

If your child is ill, please keep him/her home, so not to affect other children.

Please pay attention to your body’s odor and your breath. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a close encounter martial art and we ask that you be courteous and use deodorant and mouthwash or mints so as not to offend your fellow students.

If a child or adult, male or female, has long hair, please keep it in a pony tail or wear a protective covering so that the hair does not fall in the face of your training partner or the instructor.

Gi (uniform) requirements:

For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: a school approved gi is required for every class. A school approved t-shirt or rashguard must be worn. A mouth piece and groin protector is required.

For Thai Boxing/Boxing: school approved shorts, t-shirt, 16 oz. gloves, shin/instep protectors, mouth piece and groin protector are required.

For Mixed Martial Arts: school approved shorts, rash guard, t-shirt, 4 1/2 oz. gloves, shin/instep protector, groin protector, and mouth piece is required.

For Kids classes-
Mighty Mites/Beginners: beginners uniform (black or white), t-shirt, groin protector and mouth piece.
Advanced: advanced uniform, t-shirt, groin protector, mouth piece, head gear, gloves, shin guards, foot gear.
Kids Kombatives: Kombatives uniform and same as advanced.
For all kids, pants and sleeves must be hemmed and sewn, no rolled up sleeves or pant legs are allowed due to safety reasons.

No jewelry on the mat during class for safety reasons.

You must have a shirt with sleeves (no tank tops) or a Gi top on at all times on or off the mat. Women must wear a shirt over their exercise bra top at all times.

Street shoes are never to be worn on the mat; wrestling or boxing shoes can be worn with permission from the staff.

No unsafe training gear will be allowed. Example: ripped gloves while sparring.

Mouth pieces are required and must be worn during classes. If you decide not to place one in your mouth, it will be at your/parents own risk.


All students MUST scan in cards to be counted and given credit for attending class. Rank and/or advancement is based partly on attendance and we cannot know how often you are here if you don’t scan in.

Students should show up at least 5 minutes prior to their class.

A student may leave class early if necessary but they must first notify the instructor, preferably prior to the start of class.

If attending Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, Ricardo Liborio seminars are mandatory.

Private/Group Classes:

You may pay for private classes either with a check or credit card.

Cancelation of a private class must be at least two (2) hours prior to that class.

If you do not give at least two (2) hours notice on your private class cancelation, you will be charged for the private.

Rules of the School:

Please stay out of the front offices, as they are for business purposes only.

The back area is for fighters or competition team members only. No spectators or regular students allowed in the back area except during Kids Kombatives class. You must have permission from staff to enter this area.

Please direct all questions regarding uniforms, schedules, billing and other matters to staff in between classes.

There is no horseplay on the mat unless it is a specific drill that is organized by an instructor or assistant instructor with supervision.

No tobacco, alcohol, or drug use on American Top Team of Savage property. This includes the parking lot.

No training while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

To get the most out of your workouts, no casual talk while training, discuss training only. Socialize after class.

No foul language at any time. This is a family oriented gym and there are often children around.

Keep the place clean by picking up after yourself.

Leave things how you found them.

Treat other people and equipment with respect and as you would wish them to treat you. If you deliberately hurt someone, you will be asked to leave without a refund. This does not apply to fighter training.

Parents, please monitor your children while they are in our facility. Although we have a playroom, it is UNSUPERVISED.

Please keep all cell phones on vibrate or off. Noise is very disruptive to the students who are on the mat and to the instructors teaching. We ask that you make/receive all calls in the “shoe room” or outside.

Give a thumbs up and a smile to your children, but please do not try to talk to them while they are participating in class!

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of class.

Please pick up your child promptly after class, we ask that you do not leave your child waiting for more than 5 minutes.

If you see garbage on the floor, please pick it up and discard it into a garbage can.

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