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Teen Classes

Text “5 week” to 952-457-7743

This mixed martial arts course was designed with the beginner in mind. The youth of today in general compared to generations past live a sedentary lifestyle. We focus on getting your teens to move in ways that will not only strengthen their bodies but work their cardiovascular and flexibility all in the same class. An extra benefit is that they will learn MMA in a cage (I mean come on, how cool is that). Mixed Martial Arts is proven to be the premiere self defense system that actually works. We aren’t teaching your kids to become cage fighters…. but they are learning the same technical skills as our competitors in a very safe environment. We are the only academy in the state of MN that has a teen only MMA class where they train in the cage. We have been in operation for 20 years. We are the premiere MMA academy in the south metro. We are so confident that your teen will enjoy this training that we will offer a 100% money back guarantee. If your teen trains for 5 weeks and you aren’t satisfied we will give you a full refund.

What to expect during this 5 week course:

* escapes from various grabs

* escapes from someone pinning you to the ground

* how to resolve a conflict without being physical

* a healthy respect for parents and teachers

* rewards for not playing video games

* rewards for staying off their phone

* what to do in an emergency

* what to do against bullies, both physical and verbal

*  Jiu-Jitsu for self defense

* Muay Thai for self defense

Come and check us out. We made this a short course so you can see if we are a good fit to take your teen to the next level. 

To expedite the enrollment process… text “5 week” to 952-457-7743 or opt in for a free trial class.

See you soon. 

It’s both sad and joyful at the same time. One day your teen looks up to you and chats away, happy to be by your side. The next you know, it’s all mopey, and they communicate with grunts and eye rolls instead of the happy chatter, all while staring at their phone screen non stop.

This is a crucial period in their young life as you are preparing them for the world of independence. Let us help you. Not only will they learn self defense that really works, but we will also give them old school habits such as…..

  • Proper handshaking
  • Patriotism
  • Speaking with a sir or ma’am
  • Physical conditioning
  • Physical toughness
  • A can do attitude
  • Respect for mom, dad and elders

I could go on and on but why not see for yourself by calling/texting 952-457-7743 to schedule your free intro class today! Just ask to speak with a coach.