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30 day deal


Get 30 days FREE!

No obligations.  No strings (ONLY a small catch).
30 days of training absolutely FREE. 

Get your free 30 day pass by texting “gimme the 30” to 952-457-7743. Only one catch. Once you text us you have 5 days to come in and utilize your pass. Also you need to be at least 18 years old. So two catches but still not much of a catch if you ask me. So if you’re wanting to…

* Lose weight
* Learn the best self defense known to mankind
* Retain youthful flexibility
* Gain confidence
* Learn awesome self – defense
* Tone muscles
* Strengthen your core (which is the cause of most back pain)
* Relieve stress (which we all need during this election year)
* Did we mention self-defense

So text 952-457-7743 to receive your free 30 day pass. You must be 18 to receive the 30 day trial