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Welcome To American MMA

Teaching Old School, Time Honored American Values!

Of course we accept all students and we don’t discriminate. Our goal is to welcome everyone and to teach excellent self-defense classes. I have found many places that aren’t as welcoming towards the patriotic American as they could be. I find that really strange. Who is teaching people to hate the country that they reside in?

So all we are stating is that we welcome your patriotism.

Our youth classes are an excellent form of exercise for your children. Kids today aren’t as active as screen time increases more and more they sit instead of move. Besides exercise and excellent self-defense we have a 24 point character development system that our instructors implement, coordinating those lessons into the classes.

We stress a healthy level of respect for parents, teachers and authority figures. Your children will become more confident. Will look you in the eyes when they speak with you. Martial arts have a great mediating effect. It calms the hyper ones down and brings the timid out of their shell. Improved focus and stressing healthy eating is a staple in every class. We aren’t breaking boards and screaming yes sir all the time… our discipline happens on the mats. Firm instruction and we won’t allow any messing around or goofing off. We specialize in teaching children with autism or adhd. I have personally had many autistic children be able to look you directly in the eyes after a year or two of training. That was a huge accomplishment.

Too many times children go off to a learning facility and come home with ideas based in theory or nonsense. We see this more and more. This won’t happen here. We support you and are fighting the same fight. I believe we can turn this ship around. One kid at a time. We are the majority.