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Our Children are the Future, Let us Restore America One Child at a Time

Ever since the lockdowns America has had a wake up call. We all found out what our schools are doing with our kids. Some parents are OK with the curriculum and that is fine. Some are not and that is fine also. I am not opposed to either as I believe its up to the parent to decide what children should learn. Of course Math, English, Reading, Writing, Science (proven of course) and your basic fundamentals should be mandatory. 

Beyond that a parent should have a say in what they want their child to study. But forcing children to learn about subjects that go against the basic proven biology is ridiculous. I mean follow the science is their mantra. Follow the science except biology??? No thanks. Masks were also proven to be ineffective. And it is so sad but every once in a while I see people masked up, driving in their car alone. Think of how crazy the last few years have been. Stand shoulder to shoulder in a liquor store but you couldn’t go exercise at a gym… someone make it make sense. The tyranny of most politicians sure did rear its ugly head. Children learn how to form words by looking at your mouth. I do that constantly when teaching class. Remember when kids had band practice and they cut holes in the mouth part of the mask so they could blow into the instrument. Or how about walk into a restaurant masked up. When you sit down you could remove the mask. Pavlov was laughing from above.

Why bring all that up?

Well they say most of our kids are a year or two behind because of all that nonsense. Whether that’s 100% I don’t know, but it definitely had some effect on their education. Health care workers that I  trained said beds were filled to capacity for mental health for youth during that troubling time. Also this whole “woke” agenda being pushed is absolutely terrifying. For always using the word democracy they sure don’t follow that. Because a narrative is being pushed that panders to less than 1% of the population. How is that democracy? And that word used in that way is misused as we aren’t a democracy where mob rules we are a constitutional republic. Can you even imagine 10 years ago where full grown men dressed in weird drag performed stripper dances to kindergartners??? Go into the public library in Burnsville to the kids section, the young kids section and see what books they have on display. It will make you cry.

Why are they confusing kids and pushing so hard? I am not sure but I do believe it’s evil. Oh Eric, you might say. You don’t have any idea! Well then let me share.

One of my daughters was in an elite school, one of those where you had to take multiple tests and score really well. It was a school for gifted kids. She was on an elite team for gymnastics. She trained 12 hours a week and was happy and chatty and she lit up every room she entered. Then lockdowns, then depression, then a deep dive into her phone. We tried our best to pull her out to no avail. She barely did school online and was stuck in her phone. The sites and forums she was a part of I won’t mention here but it wasn’t wholesome. Then came the name changes and other behaviors that were beyond rebellious. Hospital visits and psych wards to follow. This wasn’t her. So, I did what any parent should do. I pulled out all the stops and coordinating with my ex wife we managed her care. We didn’t push her, we kept her active and engaged and prayed a lot. I mean a lot. We helped her find her way. Drum lessons, martial arts, you name it, we did it. She found her way back to us via becoming more mature and the outdoors. She loves camping and hiking which we did a lot of. But what really did the trick, according to her, was that neither dad nor mom pushed her into what we believed and we let her find her way. Don’t get me wrong there were many discussions but we didn’t push. We just pointed out the obvious and let her decide. She thanked us both about a year ago and said if we would’ve pushed she would have fought us on it. She has now since deleted social media, blocked certain sites and forums and is back to her normal, gifted self. She is super intelligent, way smarter than me. It’s scary haha.

I have talked to her about what she thinks may have happened. She has said depression from no school, sports pulled her to think something was wrong and then others on forums and chat rooms pushed her into a different way of thinking. I thank God daily that she turned it around. Many kids never did.

It is very weird for sure but my sons didn’t care about the lockdowns, missed sports and didn’t seem to be affected at all. In fact I think they liked it because they could mess around with their friends more. So that made me think and delve into why. Many studies have shown that the confusion hits pre-teen and teen girls at a much higher rate than boys. 

The agenda is being pushed even harder now. The world is getting weirder. Kids now can identify as furries and need a litter box in school. Beyond bizarre. Homeschooling is at an all time high. I can understand why.

What can we do when big business, politicians, the MSM, Hollywood, the music industry and our educational system all coordinate their efforts and finances to push an evil agenda. Besides boycotting and voting we must take a stand. We must be vocal. People that think this is insane are the majority. And yet we remain silent for fear of being canceled. I won’t stay silent any longer. At heart I am a libertarian. Live and let live. Just don’t push your beliefs on me. Which is what is happening. 

Am I a hypocrite for pushing my beliefs? I don’t believe so. As I am not trying to change your mind on anything. You do you, I will do me. If however you agree with some of the above I ask you to join me.


Our martial arts program for children is old school. Walk tall, be confident, no participation trophies. Learn to win and lose with grace and honor. Keep score, love your country, we say the pledge after every class. Respect for parents, teachers and police.  And most importantly that if someone lays their hands on you in a violent manner you have your God given right to defend yourself. This all seems like common sense but as you see what is happening in our current educational system those traits aren’t taught anymore. We aren’t teaching kids to be aggressive or to fight. Our view is that self-defense isn’t a crime. 

With everyone going woke, or afraid to speak out you may find comfort knowing that we are backing up your beliefs while your children are really learning how to defend themselves. We don’t preach or push hard in any way politically. But we do expect discipline and enforce a code of honor in every class. The rest works itself out as we always refer to the parents as the experts and we are only helping. Giving you the authority on what is right and wrong. That will mold our future. Remember all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Let’s not let evil triumph. Not on our watch. Lets stand up and say no. Spread the word. Become vocal.

Stay vigilant and be strong. We have a crazy year ahead of us.